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The DIY Way to Lounging In The Great Outdoors


Whenever a gal pal tells me she’s going on a vacation, or a staycation, I always reply with an, "Awesome! You'll have a good time and it will be so relaxing, right?" Typically, my friend’s response is not as lighthearted as I think it should be: "Yeah. Once I get there. I have to buy a lot of stuff to get prepared, though. It's going to be so expensive." Well, ladies, you don't have to spend a ton of money to get prepared to go on vacation. You can use a lot of the stuff you already have at home to create cute, DIY gear. One thing I've recently fell in love with? This DIY beach chair.

The Sand Chair was designed by Tovdesign, created by Tom De Vrieze. The open source design chair is made from a towel, rag and four broomsticks. It's incredibly simple. While the chair is not full-proof stable, it does support your back, which is the most important thing when trying to prop yourself up to read your new summer novel.

And there's always the ol' standby, aka "the towel." True, this isn't the most stylish way to lounge, but sometimes, nothing beats lying out on a big, soft, old beach towel.

If you aren't exactly blessed with the gift of creativity, no worries! There are lots of artists out there who make stellar, up-cycled chairs ideal for outdoor lounging. Two stellar examples of adorable and affordable beach chairs reside at GroovyGarbage and 2Messy's shop.

Keep the entire outdoor/beach/lake experience to the greenest level possible by considering these other awesome, earth-friendly ideas (for a price, yes, but if you need 'em, you need 'em.):

  • Bring your own reusable outdoor utensils that are BPA free.
  • Use chemical-free sunscreen.
  • Use organic towels.
  • Throwaway your trash!
  • Don't mess with the wildlife. Leave it pretty -- and natural!

From the Organic Authority Files

Note: If you are on a staycation, consider mixing up something with tropical flair, such as a coconut coquito cocktail.


Image: ODHD

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