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What Paint Colors Are Right For You?

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Are you more of a baked scone brown or a summer resort yellow type of person? When choosing paint colors for your walls, you probably picked that creamy coffee or midnight blue color based on what you like, what you thought looked good, or just because of the fun descriptive name listed on the paint chip. Choosing paint colors can be about so much more than just what you like. Colors can affect your emotions, and when you choose ones that balance out your personality you can subtly enhance your quality of life and even your health. That’s where Ayurveda, the ancient Indian art of healing, can help.

Ayurvedic principles focus on helping us learn to support and balance our physical, mental, and spiritual selves. AFM Safecoat designed 108 paint colors in its Ayurveda Essence line around this idea. Its three collections of paint colors correspond to Ayurveda’s principles of the three doshas. Doshas are the energies that make up every individual; they’re essentially your combined mind and body type. The three are divided based on the elements: vata for air, pitta for fire and kapha for water.

What’s your dosha?

Most of us possess qualities of all of the doshas, but one dosha tends to dominate. The idea is that when you choose paint colors for your home that balance out your dosha, it can lead to feelings of happiness and harmony. AFM Safecoast defines the doshas as the following:

Vata individuals are light and dry by nature with a general tendency to a thin frame and low body mass. Skin and body functions can benefit from vigilant hydration. Balancing techniques can reduce anxiety. Deeper, darker colors suggestive of moisture can create balance.

Pitta individuals have a general tendency to a moderate, athletic frame with a muscular body mass, and a sharp, energetic personality. They may develop occasional inflammatory conditions. Cooling therapy may lower a tendency toward irritability. Balance may be derived by colors that cool, moderate, and soothe.

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Kapha individuals have a general tendency to a large frame. Emotional nature tends toward calmness and steadfastness. Stimulating therapy can avert tendencies toward inertia and lethargy. Balance can be derived by using mobilizing colors such as bold, stimulating, and bright accents. Midtones and pastels may create the best color schemes.

Take this simple quiz to discover your dosha!

Choose the colors for you

Once you know your dosha, you can find paint color combinations that balance out your natural tendencies. Vatas should choose from a palette of muted and subdued earth tones that suppress hot and cold. Pittas need complex colors that offer cooling and calming qualities to soothe irritability. And, kaphas do best with vibrant and stimulating colors that contain warm overtones to rouse and enliven. Take a look at the AFM Safecoat color combinations based on your dosha.

When paint color browsing, keep in mind that we’re often attracted to the very things that unbalance us, but filling your home with the paint colors you love is important too. It's all about balance. Find the right balance for you. 

As part of creating a healing home, AFM Safecoat paints are nontoxic and have none or are low in volatile organic compounds, or VOCs.

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