Moving Past Margaritas: 3 Traditional Mexican Cocktails

As ever-popular Tex Mex is slowly but surely being replaced by traditional, authentic Mexican cuisine, both in recipes and in restaurants, the time has come to take a look at some of our favorite “Mexican” cocktails. Frozen and flavored margaritas may be featured on almost every Mexican drink menu, but as summer approaches, take a look at some of these refreshing, traditional Mexican bebidas.

1. Michelada

In place of the morning favorite Bloody Mary, try the traditional Mexican Michelada. This combination of Mexican beer, lime and Clamato is seasoned with hot sauce and Maggi seasoning, for a savory cocktail that will chase even the meanest hangover. But it’s not just a rescue; it’s also the perfect drink to serve at a Mexican-themed brunch, alongside some of our favorite Mexican desayunos:

2. Paloma

Paloma is Spanish for dove, but this cocktail packs more of a punch than its name implies! Use good-quality tequila, which comes together with grapefruit juice and lime for a delicious, bubbly cocktail. More traditional versions use a bubbly grapefruit soda; try Jarritos for something truly authentic.

3. Sombra Mezcal

A similar drink to the paloma is the sombra mezcal, though it uses mezcal, not tequila. Mezcal connoisseurs will be pleased to hear that this is a traditional Mexican drink, even if the liqueur is more often served solo. A simple combination of citrus juices including grapefruit and lime come together with the secret ingredient for success in this drink: a hefty pinch of salt.

Bonus: A True Margarita

Of course, if you’re faithful to the classic, try our very own version of the margarita. It might not be the version you’re familiar with, but you’ll soon become a convert to this traditional, authentic version. Just be sure to use great tequila!

Image: mnapoleon

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