Screw the Hangovers: 7 Amazing Booze-Free Mocktails

Go booze free with mocktails.

Go booze-free with mocktails to make your next party a success and not a pukey, drunken frat party mess.

Whether you are already booze-free or are giving up drinking alcohol, it can be difficult to figure out what to drink for social occasions. No one wants just to drink water when everyone else is walking around with cocktails complete with little paper umbrellas.

That’s where mocktails come in. Mocktails are non-alcoholic drinks that are just as fancy as cocktails containing alcohol, just sans the booze. Non-alcoholic drinks are the perfect way to enjoy any party, get together, dinner evening out, without that rundown feeling you get the day after after drinking (too much) alcohol.

If you are planning a party and want to serve mocktails, or you want your own signature drink to order when out on the town, we have got some great suggestions for you. These are some of the best and fanciest non-alcoholic drinks that are certain to rival their boozy cousins.

Booze Free Mocktails to Get Your Party On

  1. Lemon Ginger Zinger Kombucha – Why not avoid alcohol but also replenish the good flora in your gut with some this fizzy version of kombucha? Homemade kombucha, like this lemon ginger version is so simple to make at home.
  2. Mock French 75 – A French 75 is traditionally made with champagne and gin, but it’s easily made booze-free by mixing up fresh lemon juice, lemon or orange bitters, tonic water (Fever Tree mixers are simply the best if you can find them), and rock candy swizzle sticks for flair.
  3. Orange Fizz – If you want a drink to make with more commonly sourced ingredients, try the Orange Fizz. It’s simple to make and calls for orange juice, tonic water, and lemon juice. All the ingredients can be found at any grocery store.
  4. Agua Verde – This mocktail is a real showstopper–when mixed, it comes out as a bright green. It’s made by pureeing cucumbers, celery, and tomatillos in a food processor with seasoning from green Tabasco salt. Not only is it tasty, but it’s completely healthy to boot.
  5. Mango Mule – A mule is a cocktail made with non-alcoholic ginger beer and lime mixed with different spirits. For example, a Moscow Mule is vodka mixed with ginger beer and lime. This version avoids the alcohol and instead calls for mango puree. For an extra kick, choose an extra spicy non-alcoholic ginger beer–again Fever Tree makes a nice version if you can find it.
  6. Peach Cooler – If you are looking for something simpler and with more common ingredients, give the Peach Cooler a try. It’s made with seltzer water, peach juice or nectar, white grape juice, and served with slices of fresh peach.
  7. Paleo-Friendly No-Vodka Soda – Our final pick is for a drink that would work for those who follow a paleo or other sugar-free and low fruit lifestyle. Slice add fresh slices of orange, lemon and lime to your sparkling water of choice. This recipe calls for Perrier, but we prefer San Pellegrino for sparkling water.

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