A ‘Peachy Clean’ Summer Cocktail

Something’s been different about everyone’s disposition these last few days. Perhaps it’s the louder chorus of birds chirping. Maybe it’s the sight of ubiquitous greenery. Or, it could just be May, the calendar’s indication that summer is looming. Summer – the season of the BBQ, the farmers market and the ultimate outdoor beverage.

“What beverage?” You might ask. 

The brilliant combination of fresh produce and alcoholic spirits has been made before; earlier this year, we brought you the Bebida Botánica for spring. But now that we’ve gotten our basil and cucumber fix, what are two flavors most commonly associated with the heat? Tropical rum, for one, and peach, a quintessential gem of summer.

Introducing: The Peachy Clean.

The Peachy Clean, infused with fresh, seasonal fruit, is an obvious twist on the “keen” colloquialism, given its natural, organic quality. We’ve taken organic rum, sweet white wine and fruit, tossed them together and served up pure, refreshing bliss. And at just 104 calories, we can still relax…and, perhaps, buy that second round.



1. Place peach slices at the bottom of a lowball glass and top with ice.

2. In a martini shaker, over ice, mix together rum and moscato. Strain into lowball glass.

3. Top the rum/moscato mixture with plain soda water. Garnish with an additional peach slice, if desired.

image: StuartWebster