Fight the Cold: Go-To Winter Green Smoothie Recipe

green smoothie

A cool green smoothie or freshly-squeezed juice sounds like the perfect complement to a scorching hot summer day, but what about in the winter, when all you want is warmth and comfort? The truth is, just because it gets colder outdoors doesn’t mean you should nix the morning smoothie or juice. In fact, now is just the time when you need fresh juices and smoothies the most! Stave off a winter cold and keep your body lean, strong and full of green nutrition with a daily green smoothie. This winter green smoothie recipe adapts to the season and is full of fun flavors and medicinal greens. Enjoy!

The glorious thing about smoothies is that they are highly adaptable to your taste preferences. Instead of the watercress I suggest below, use whatever seasonal greens you can get your hands on – spinach, romaine or collard greens, among others – and swap the apple for a different seasonal fruit – kiwi or pear, for example. Make this winter green smoothie recipe every morning throughout the season and be sure to enjoy it on an empty stomach.

Winter Green Smoothie Recipe

Serves 1


Directions: Toss all the ingredients in a high-speed blender and pulse until smooth. Serve and drink immediately.

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