Straight-Laced Buzz: 2 Mocktail Recipes for Summer Shindigs

You’re hosting your annual “Late-Spring into Summer” Party. All food and drink must taste absolutely amazing. While you’re all stocked up on herb-infused liquors, and summer wine and beer selections, your non-alcoholic cocktail menu is, well, mocking you. The following mocktail recipes will totally please people who don’t drink and tempt guests who do to give your no-booze drinks a try.

Organic Coconut Watermelon Mocktail (Bellamee)

Makes almost 24 ounces



Freeze watermelon chunks overnight.

Blend with coconut water.

Pour into tumblers.

Garnish with watermelon slices.

Serve immediately.

Add more coconut water if you require a more liquid consistency.

Organic Sour Cherry “Mocktails” (Linden Hills Co-Op)

Serves as many glasses as you’re willing to make, depending on how large the juice and ginger ale containers are



For the drink: Mix sour cherry juice and ginger ale, half and half, in a serving glass.

Fruit swizzlers: “Alternate a fresh cranberry with a citrus slice on a wooden skewer. If you’re using half-slices of citrus, try pushing the skewer through the first quarter, then add a cranberry, followed by the second half of the citrus slice so it wraps around the cranberry.”

Cranberry cubes: “Drop a cranberry and a quarter slice of citrus into each compartment of an ice cube tray. Fill with water and freeze; add a couple to each glass before you pour in the juice and ginger ale.”

Spice sticks: “Add an extra-long cinnamon stick to each glass just before serving.”

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Image: Dinner Series