St. Patrick’s Day Menu: Green Deviled Eggs Recipe

deviled eggs

Green eggs and ham may get all the attention, but green deviled eggs may deserve it far more. St. Patrick’s Day is more about outrageous green-themed party ideas and snacks than it is about the holiday itself. So when it comes to paying homage to the holiday, green is the way to go. The following green deviled eggs recipe is one of the many ways you can bring more St. Patty’s Day cheer into your life, and avocado is here to help.

Avocado and hard-boiled eggs share a similar texture, taste and appearance and are thus a match made in heaven. The following recipe for deviled eggs uses guacamole to complement the usual egg yolk stuffing. The result is a green snack that will improve your St. Patty’s day spirit whilst filling you up with green nutrition. Enjoy!

Green Deviled Eggs Recipe

Makes 12



Slice the hard-boiled eggs in half, lengthwise, and pop out their center yolks. Add about 3-4 of the egg yolks to a bowl. Use the others for other purposes.

Add the avocado flesh to the bowl with the egg yolks along with the garlic, salt, pepper, lime juice and cilantro. Use a food processor or the edge of a fork to mix and mash all the ingredients together so they are evenly combined. Scoop the mixture evenly among the egg yolk halves and garnish with fresh cilantro and prosciutto. Serve and enjoy!

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