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Bon Jovi's New Soul Kitchen by Donation Only?


Do you remember the 1980s? Communism collapsed and disco got a "shot through the heart." Hideous hairdos were as common back then as iPhones are today. It was indeed a strange time when temperatures rose to 7800° Fahrenheit and everything was Slippery When Wet. And it seems, everyone, especially you, "gave love a bad name."

But for '80s pretty boy pop-glam-metal-rocker, Jon Bon Jovi, things have changed. While he's still making great music, he's updated his image to that of an eco-friendly and conscientious philanthropist. He's using considerably less hairspray, which is a good thing for the environment; and, he's giving away free meals at his new restaurant. That is, unless you feel like paying for your food.

Jon Bon Jovi's Soul Kitchen is part of the rocker's Soul Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to bringing about positive change, helping those in need "one Soul at a time." The foundation works to address issues relating to food and shelter affected by homelessness including temporary and transitional housing, support for teens, veterans, and special needs populations. Donation based restaurants like the Soul Kitchen are cropping up all over the country. Pooling resources from suppliers and volunteer staff, these kitchens are not only feeding those who cannot afford a meal, but they're serving as a gathering space for community to work together and support one another.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Opening in Red Bank, NJ this Spring, the Soul Kitchen restaurant will feature a menu of tasty, healthy meals, but what it won't list are prices. As part of Bon Jovi's foundation, the restaurant will allow diners to pay what they can afford, with a suggested $10 donation. Guests can also volunteer an hour of time in exchange for their meal at the community-centered restaurant. According to the Soul Kitchen website, "At Soul Kitchen, a place is ready for you if you are hungry, or if you hunger to make a difference in your community. For we believe that a healthy meal can feed the soul."

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