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Image: woman with hands in arrow pose over her head wearing blue yoga top. How to Take Your Yoga Practice To New Heights with These 3 Breathing Techniques
iStock/peopleimagesCredit: iStock/peopleimages
September 6, 2023
Your yoga practice isn't complete without these 3 simple breathing techniques. Pranayama will take your yoga to the next level.
finding peace in chaos
Credit: Photo by Freshh Connection on Unsplash
March 16, 2020
Learn how to find peace - even in the toughest, most uncertain times. This is the most important time to…
Deep breathing benefits and technique
September 29, 2016
From stress management to improved heart health, try mindful deep breathing exercises to feel a marked improvement in your overall…
March 28, 2011
There's a new diet fad that puts all others to shame: the Air Diet. But, really, no food at all?