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5 Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight During the Holidays
December 3, 2017
Is gaining weight over the holidays avoidable? You bet! Give these tricks a try this season.
November 25, 2014
Obesity in America affects millions of people and is now the second most expensive and preventable cost to taxpayers, finds…
September 4, 2014
A new study shows that when it comes to healthy diets, women are twice as likely to be concerned about…
April 26, 2013
Should how much you weigh make a difference in how much your airline fare costs?
Credit: Image by Sheri Giblin.
December 11, 2012
Getting enough sleep helps maintain a healthy weight and may also prevent weight gain.
April 26, 2012
Is your doctor overweight? It could affect how she diagnoses and treats you.
January 4, 2012
For those of us who enjoyed a few too many of Santa's cookies, this New Year may bring extra efforts…
November 30, 2011
Where did the standard three-meals-per-day rule come from anyhow? And just how many times a day should we be eating?…
November 11, 2011
With all the hubbub over overweight passengers having to pay for two seats on a plane, we pose the question,…
September 21, 2011
If getting regular exercise and eating sensibly are just too difficult, you could probably use this product from Japan, where…