5 Uses for Leftover Egg Whites


If you’re an avid baker, or even a protein smoothie connoisseur, chances are at one point our another, you’ll end up with a few leftover egg whites in your fridge or freezer that you don’t want to let go to waste.

We’ve rounded up five of our favorite uses for leftover egg whites. Enjoy!

1. Meringue: Making meringue to top a pie or other dessert or use it anywhere as a substitute for frosting. Make our tasty organic meringue. Get a recipe for Simple Meringue Frosting from Health, Home and Happiness.

2. Macaroons: One of my all-time favorite cookies is the macaroon. Macaroons are made with an egg white base. Try these Peppermint Chocolate Macaroons from best-selling Paleo author Danielle Walker. These macaroons have a rich chocolate taste and leave just a hint of festive peppermint lingering on the tongue.

3. Angel Food Cake: This light and fluffy cake is made with 12 egg whites. It’s great topped with fresh whipped cream and berries. You can even make a grain-free Angel Food Cake recipe from The Healthy Home Economist.

4. Pore Refining Mask: Outside of the kitchen, egg whites make a wonderful pore refining mask. Here is a pore refining mask tutorial.

5. Freeze Egg Whites: If you’re not ready to use your egg whites, freeze them for later! Learn how to freeze your egg whites here.

No matter what you do with your egg whites, don’t toss them out! Save them in the fridge for up to four days or in the freezer for longer periods. Use your egg whites in baking or for skin care.

For more ways to use egg whites, check the Sprouting Seed and Serious Eats.

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