Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Spring Pea Recipes


Image: Karl Söderholm

The time of new green vegetables is upon us, and I for one couldn’t be more excited. There’s nothing like going to the farmers market every week and seeing your old favorites cropping up at all the stands. It seems as though the world is turning green again, and so should your plate! Green peas are some of the most versatile of these newfound ingredients; we’ve taken a look around the web to find the most inspired, verdent, delicious meatless green pea dishes for your meatless Monday meal.

spring pasta

Image: Kimberley Stakal

First, take a look at our very own spring pasta, complete with peas, radishes and lemon cream. While the sauce is creamy, the texture actually comes from Greek yogurt, making this the perfect dish even for those counting calories as bathing suit season approaches. The different fresh herbs can be varied as different varieties come into season.


Image: Frédérique Voisin-Déméry

While mushrooms are often considered to be a fall ingredient, there are several kinds of spring mushrooms just coming into season. The perfect thing about these mushroom ravioli with pea purée is their versatility: you can use fresh peas and spring mushrooms now, but you can also save the recipe and use fall mushrooms and frozen peas later. The best of both worlds!

cauliflower pea curry

Image: Gloria Cabada-Leman

Sub fresh peas for frozen in our very own curried cauliflower recipe. Peas, known as mattar in Hindi, are often paired with either cauliflower or potatoes for delicious vegetarian curries. Not only do they lend a bit of sweetness, but their bright green color is the perfect contrast to the paler vegetables.

pea purée

Image: Jeffery Loo

Smashed pepper peas is the perfect side dish for vegetarians, or for anyone looking for a healthy, vibrant alternative to mashed potatoes. These peas, blended with both mustard and horseradish, pack a serious punch!

Emily Monaco
Emily Monaco

Emily Monaco is an American food and culture writer based in Paris. She loves uncovering the stories behind ingredients and exposing the face of our food system, so that consumers can make educated choices. Her work has been published in the Wall Street Journal, Vice Munchies, and Serious Eats.