38 Food Finds for a Farmers Market Scavenger Hunt


farmers market

Your local farmers market is a fantastic place year-round to find fresh native produce and get to know others in your community. Farmers markets provide a small slice of Americana that some might think lost, but when you shake the hand of the person who grew the tomatoes that you are having for lunch, a fundamental shift occurs in your thinking and eating process, which becomes more real with each juicy bite.

With the renewed focus on local eating and sustainable living, farmers markets are on the rise all over America, especially big cities where the neighborhood markets promote a friendly, community vibe that isn’t easily found elsewhere these days. Depending on the season and your location, you will find a variety of offerings on hand at farmers markets, from fresh cherry tomatoes and ears of corn in the summer to hard winter squash and parsnips for the winter months.

This Farmers Market Scavenger Hunt is great for kids because it focuses not only on seeing different fruits and vegetables, but also on interacting with the produce vendors and local community. When asked where milk comes from, most American children will say “the store” instead of “a cow” – this fun game will teach your brood a thing or two about where their dinner comes from. Get creative and make it into a Bingo card – and don’t forget to add the items you need to make a fresh-from-the-market dinner that night.

Farmers Markets exist in nearly every city in America; find yours (Google your city name with “farmers market”), and then see how many of these fun Farmers Markets things you can spot.

Street musician with a smile

(image: Dekka Ten)

Kid on dad’s shoulders

kid on dad's shoulders

Bouquet of fresh flowers in your favorite color

(image: kevindooley)

Fruit that you have never seen before

new fruit
(image: sneakerdog)

Farmer with dirt on his or her hands

hands in the dirt
(image: LOLren)

The smell of something grilling

grilled peaches
(image: mccun934)

Bin of bright green apples

green apples
(image: Ed Yourdon)

Dog with tongue hanging out of its mouth

(image: Bob B. Brown)

Fresh organic green beans

green beans
(image: SummerTomato)

Nutella crepe

(image: Bob B. Brown)

Young couple sharing a dish on the curb

curb sitting

Old couple holding hands

old couple holding hands
(image: garryknight)

Fruit that grows on a vine

tomato vines

Animal other than a dog


Free sample of cheese

(image: dfarrell07)

Slice of fruit pie

fruit pie

Double stroller with two sleeping children

stroller sleeping twins

Something from the ocean

sea salt

Food truck sidled up to the market

food truck
(image: ricardodiaz11)

Purple vegetable

purple cauliflower
(image: aplysia_06)

Pot of fresh thyme


Dreadlocked neo hippie selling pipes from a blanket on the ground

(image: Big Richard C)

Someone taking photos of the market

(image: Adam Freidin)

Child on a leash

kid on leash
(image: rocketjim54)

Loaf of fresh made bread that is still warm

fresh bread
(image: surlygirl)

Someone in sunglasses sipping espresso

(image: karen_neoh)

Farmer who raises goats


Homemade hummus

(image: timlewisnm)

Something grown in the same city you are in

(image: lmainjohnson7)

Recipe for fried tomatoes

fried tomatoes
(image: trekkyandy)

Herb than begins with ‘B’

(image: cookbookman17)

Item from South America

(image: timsnell)

Child vendor

child vendor
(image: USDAgov)

Heirloom fruit or vegetable, any variety

heirloom carrots
(image: LCBGlenn)

Something sold in a jar

(image: llsimon53)

Vegetable grown under ground

root veggies
(image: clayirving)

Fruit that is fuzzy

(image: procsilas)

Second-generation farmer

farmer girl

Shilo Urban

Shilo first became interested in conscious living when she found herself working simultaneously at a mom-and-pop natural food store and a farm for endangered livestock breeds on the coast of Maine. After residing in Austin, New Zealand, Paris, Seattle, and Los Angeles, she now lives in Fort Worth, Texas where she works as a freelance writer. Her passions include international travel and wiener dogs.