Green Garlic

Green Garlic

Season for Green Garlic March – May

Green Garlic Described

Green garlic – sometimes called spring garlic or baby garlic – may be a rarity at grocery stores, but has gained popularity among the farm-to-table cognoscenti. All it is, is young garlic which is harvested before the cloves have begun to mature. What results is a vegetable that resembles a scallion, with a deep green stalk and a pale white bulb – yet the flavor is that of mild garlic. Come spring, keep an eye out at your local farmers market. Once you discover green garlic, you’ll probably be inclined to grow this veggie at home – relatively easy to do.

How to Buy and Store Green Garlic

Choose your green garlic for its sturdy crisp, fresh-looking stalks. Steer clear of any wilting, dried ends or soggy leaves. Also, make sure your green garlic is void of any mold or mildew. You can store green garlic wrapped in your refrigerator, but unlike mature garlic which cures, you must use it within 3-5 days.

How to Cook Green Garlic

Use green garlic as you would green onions or garlic, noting that it is stronger than the former but milder than the latter. Begin with a rinse to release any dirt and then trim off root ends and any tough part of the green leaves. Chop or slice white, light green, and the first few inches of the dark green leaves (as long as they are tender). When cooked, your green garlic will sweeten a bit, lending a new layer of depth to any dish. Give green garlic a try instead of mature garlic or scallions in some of your favorite recipes, and we promise, you’ll be delighted. Green garlic pesto is a gourmet favorite.

Health Benefits of Green Garlic

Green garlic carries the same health benefits as its older counterpart. All vampires aside, garlic can contribute to keeping many a condition at bay: cancer, heart disease, hypertension, infection and even impotence. Garlic contains unique sulfuric compounds that impart many of its health benefits, acting as antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties. One of most popular health benefits of garlic is preventing cold and flu. Green garlic, when eaten fresh, contains Allicin, an exceptionally potent compound. It acts as an antibiotic, when administered both internally and externally on open wounds.

Why Buy Natural and Organic Green Garlic

As we’ve said, garlic is a great warder-offer of sundry things, which makes it a natural pesticide. That’s not to say pesticides aren’t used in the cultivation of conventional garlic, though it does not rank among the Environmental Working Group’s list of most contaminated veggies. But, in fact, you’d probably be hard pressed to find conventional green garlic at your grocery store. Scouring your local farmers market for organic green garlic is both your healthiest and most probable way to seek out this luscious veggie. But growing your own green garlic is one of the simplest to do at home!