About Dr. Dawn Desylvia

Dr. Dawn DeSylvia is a nationally recognized family medicine doctor and founder of The Center For Whole Health, an Integrative and Functional Medical practice in Los Angeles, CA.

Prior to opening her own center in 2013 where she is working to bridge the gap between the “kind of health care we have, and the kind of health care we should have,” she trained and served on the faculty at UCLA. She believes science supports earlier detection of disease risks and a wide range of effective treatments that are not currently discussed within conventional healthcare. It is her mission to bring forth the most advanced diagnostic tools and interventions in order to support her patients’ most vibrant and optimal health.

At her center, a wide variety of medical modalities are used in order to identify the root cause of one’s imbalance and inflammation (and thus disease or disease risk) and effectively treat patients. These include Naturopathic Medicine, Homeopathy, Oxygenative therapies, Ayurvedic medicine, a full service IV Center offering customized nutritional immune, brain and energy enhancing treatments, as well as regenerative medicine for pain and cosmetics (PRP, Prolotherapy, Prolozone, PRP facials and PRP for hair regrowth).

The Center also emphasizes the importance of the mind and spirit in one’s health. “My own personal journey, as well as being a long time student of meditation, has profoundly impressed upon me the impact our mind and beliefs have on our health and how our physiology (gut, hormones, and immune system) influences our brain. It is from this perspective that I integrate the most up-to-date science, functional medicine, and principles of quantum physics into my practice.”

Dr. DeSylvia is an awakened and impassioned integrative practitioner redefining standards of modern medicine. She is a sought-after speaker and author whose speaking engagements include The Upgrade Labs (Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof) Annual Conference, Hay House Radio Interviews, Live Aware Conference with Amy B. Scher, Scott The Better Health Guy, The Chalene Johnson Show, The So Cal Wellness Summit, OsteoStrong Strong Talks, The Thinking Mom’s Revolution Lyme Summit, as well as the upcoming Breaking Ordinary Podcast with Andy Petrankis. She also has written for many digital publications including Organic Authority and Shape Magazine, to name a few.

Learn more about Dr. Dawn DeSylvia and The Center here: www.thecenterforwholehealth.net

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