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Back before non-toxic and eco-conscious cookware buzzwords were everywhere from Williams Sonoma to Target, GreenPan was already on the front lines of green kitchenware innovation. An industry leader in durable, sustainable nonstick, GreenPan's ceramic cookware is non-toxic and made to last.

Cookware made with traditional nonstick (PTFE, or Teflon), or even poor quality ceramic nonstick, wears out easily and ends up in the landfill after losing its non-stick ability. To disrupt this wasteful cycle, GreenPan has invested heavily in research and design to craft a non-toxic, ceramic product that's far more durable than the rest. What's more, GreenPan owns every step of its manufacturing process, adopting environmentally friendlier processes without the red tape of a fragmented supply chain. But does it work? We made sure to test thoroughly—read on to discover the results.

Gif of GrenPan's nontoxic nonstick cooking and sliding an egg off the pan onto a plate.
Set of ceramic nonstick pots and pans in beige colors, with vegetables surrounding.
Black ceramic nonstick non-toxic pan set on counter
GreenPan SearSmart  10 piece set
Woman pouring milk into GreenPan pot.
Person sliding frittata onto a plat out of a nonstick GreenPan.
Making corn with fresh queso in a white ceramic nonstick pan.
A brunch spread in the sunshine, with watermelon mint drinks, churros, and chilaquiles.
Colorful set of GreenPan nonstick non-toxic ceramic pans hanging on the wall in a kitchen.

*Affiliate disclosure: Our team researched far and wide to find safe and clean bakeware options you’ll love using for all kinds of sweets and treats. If you make a purchase after clicking our links, Organic Authority may earn a commission, which goes a long way to support the good work our team does and reduces the number of ads we serve (as well as our Valrhona Chocolate habit).

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