GreenPan’s Non-Toxic Nonstick Cookware was First—And It’s Still Our Go-To

Our reviewers found that unlike brands using toxic nonstick, GreenPan has designed a non-toxic, ceramic product that's far more durable than the rest.

Cooking a galette with yellow ceramic nonstick pan.
Credit: GreenPan's nontoxic sets can be used from stovetop to oven—they're super versatile in the kitchen.

Back before non-toxic and eco-conscious cookware buzzwords were everywhere from Williams Sonoma to Target, GreenPan was already on the front lines of green kitchenware innovation. An industry leader in durable, sustainable nonstick, GreenPan’s ceramic cookware is non-toxic and made to last. 

We at Organic Authority like to think we were on this train before it was cool, too. We’ve been doing deep dives into topics like the best non-toxic, safe cookware, the best non-toxic bakeware, and, to cover all bases, top ceramic cookware sets. By diving deep, we mean researching, reviewing, and regularly updating to ensure you have the most up-to-date information. Need more? We also have a guide on the dangers of PTFE, so yeah, *adjusts nerd glasses,* you could say we’re pretty cool.

Cookware made with traditional nonstick (PTFE, or Teflon), or even poor quality ceramic nonstick, wears out easily and ends up in the landfill after losing its non-stick ability. To disrupt this wasteful cycle, GreenPan has invested heavily in research and design to craft a non-toxic ceramic product that’s far more durable than the rest.

What’s more, GreenPan owns every step of its manufacturing process, adopting environmentally friendlier processes without the red tape of a fragmented supply chain. But does it work? We made sure to test thoroughly, and lucky for us, our founder Laura Klein, is a trained chef. So when we say we’ve put them to the test, we actually mean it. Read on to discover the results. 

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We Reviewed GreenPan’s Nonstick and Non-Toxic Cookware Sets

Our reviewers found that unlike brands using toxic nonstick, GreenPan has designed a non-toxic, ceramic product that’s far more durable than the rest.

We Put GreenPan Cookware to the Test

We can definitely get behind the eco mentality of these pans… but do they stand up under fire? According to chef Laura, the answer is a resounding yes! GreenPan stands the test of time, unlike many other ceramic nonstick pans which have a tragically short lifespan and end up in a landfill. 

“My mother lives with me and insists on using metal utensils on all the pans,” says Klein, who notes that the pans remain scratch-free.

With a two-year warranty on all coatings, GreenPan is basically guaranteed to pass Klein’s “mom test” with flying colors.

“I’ve tried A LOT of other non-toxic nonstick lines, and most start to lose their slickness in as little as three months,” says Klein. “I end up recycling them and have to buy another set, which I don’t like. It’s wasteful in every way, and has a heavier impact on the environment.”

Our Favorite GreenPan Cookware Sets Reviewed

Set of ceramic nonstick pots and pans in beige colors, with vegetables surrounding.
Credit: GreenPan

The most advanced collections currently offered by the brand are Valencia Pro, Venice Pro/Noir, Reserve, GP5 Stainless Steel, and GP5 (which comes with chic opaque lids). If you are concerned about pan weight, none of these lines are particularly heavy, and are easy to maneuver around the kitchen. Each of these lines also comes with clear, glass lids so you can see what you are cooking while using a lid.

The GP5 Collection

GreenPan cookware GP5 line, via Organic Authority which has a high customer overall average rating value if you visit their site and search through their lines, customers also love that they ship free over a certain amount and this set falls in that category.
Credit: GreenPan

GreenPan’s newest line, GP5, integrates 15 years of cook-centric innovations to create Infinite8 ceramic, the most advanced ceramic nonstick collection they’ve ever designed. 

“GP5 is by far my favorite set in the GreenPan lineup,” says Chef Laura Klein. “I’ve tested the Valencia Pro, Venice Pro/Noir, The Reserve, and GP5 Stainless Steel, and I think the GP5 has to be my favorite by GreenPan. Why? The nonstick innovation GreenPan has made in the GP5 shows.” 

One slick feature of the GP5 line is the Balance Pro Base which offers built-in room for expansion. What does that mean? It means your oil won’t spill off to the side but instead stays put. Guess what that means? You can use less. We think that’s awesome.

“I cook eggs most mornings, and I don’t have to use a lot of oil to ensure that my eggs don’t stick to the pan,” Klein goes on to say. “I also love the weight of the pans. The GP5 is a little heavier, but not too heavy. These pans are about twice as thick as most pans on the market. Even my mother who is older and doesn’t like heavy pans loves the weight, and my husband agrees too. The extra thickness helps with even heat distribution to ensure there are no hot spots. I also like the opaque stainless steel lids as well. When I’m not making eggs in the morning I’ll make oatmeal and the cleanup is easy breezy for both pans.”

“I also love the durability,” says Klein. “My mother is hard on pans and after using the GP5 for about six months, shockingly, we still don’t have any scratches and they are still slick.”

The Reserve Collection

Black ceramic nonstick non-toxic pan by GreenPan set on counter via Organic Authority
Credit: GreenPan

The Reserve Collection is a favorite that Klein prefers for delicate tasks like making omelets or fish. It’s a kitchen stalwart thanks to its durability and overall design. “I chose the black,” says Klein. “I like the minimalist look and they don’t take up a lot of space in your cupboards.” 

The Stainless Steel Collection 

image of Greenpan GP5 10 piece stainless steel set on countertop surrounded by pine tree branches and pinecones.
Credit: GreenPan

GreenPan’s new addition to their GP5 line, the Stainless Steel 10-piece Cookware Set with Champagne Handles, is the definition of pretty and smart. “We’re kind of in love with GreenPan’s latest innovation in ceramic nonstick”, Chef Laura Klein notes, “It’s their Infinite8 that’s simply the prettiest and most durable coating we’ve tried by GreenPan.”

Not only is it oven safe up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (a huge deal for non-stick), and metal utensil safe (you heard us right), but offers impressive construction to maximize heat conduction. The 5-ply Stainless Steel is made with two layers of stainless steel with a three-layer aluminum core. Say goodbye to uneven pan temperatures, this distribution is effortless.

If the functionality of this set doesn’t blow you away (which we’re sure it does, because, come on), then the sleek aesthetics of it will. The light and shiny exterior compared with the dark interior, pulled together by the champagne handles is what makes this one of the prettiest sets we have ever seen. And thanks to the Infinite8 ceramic nonstick finish, these pans are as durable as they are beautiful.

By the way if the 10-piece set is too much of a commitment, you can also get the 8″, 10″ and 12″ frypan set, or just the 10″, 12″ and singles. You have many options!

The Venice Pro Noir Collection

Woman pouring milk into GreenPan pot for GreenPan cookware reviews via Organic Authority.
Credit: Greenpan

If you’re searching for a GreenPan cookware set that will double as architectural accents, you’re going to love the way The Venice Pro Noir Collection looks in your kitchen. The shining classic look of stainless steel juxtaposed with matte black handles is a just-right mix of style and substance. And, trust us, there’s substance aplenty.

The Valencia Pro Collection

Person sliding frittata onto a plate out of a nonstick GreenPan cookware set via Organic Authority.
Credit: GreenPan

When considering which line to buy, we recommend these upper-level collections to reap the full benefits of GreenPan. These collections with the newest, most innovative coatings are more durable and less likely to scratch or wear over time.

Not only is the Valencia Pro collection GreenPan’s bestseller, it also caught the attention and admiration of Good Housekeeping, earning their Sustainable Innovations Award. After rigorous testing, the judges raved, “GreenPan makes cookware with strict quality-assurance procedures to ensure the absence of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium and endocrine-disrupting fluorinated compounds from its ceramic nonstick coating.”

Why is Thermolon better than other nonstick coatings?

Making corn with fresh queso in a white ceramic coated nonstick nontoxic pan via Organic Authority.
Credit: GreenPan

GreenPan is committed to environmental stewardship and product safety.

“Green is our name,” says GreenPan rep Madison Oakley. “We’re constantly working to live up to our name.”

Back in 2007, GreenPan introduced Thermolon: the original healthy ceramic nonstick alternative to traditional nonstick and the very first without any plastic, PFOA, or PFAS. They came up with the first PFAS-Free coating. PFAS is a chemical group family that includes PFOAs/PFOS, and there over 9,000 chemicals in that family. So when companies say they are PFOA-Free that doesn’t include all of the other chemicals that are within the PFAS-family, and may be used. GreenPan is completely PFAS-Free.

Here at OA, we’ve delved into the dangers of these “forever chemicals” before (check out our timeline of the ugly history of traditional nonstick to find out more), but the TL;DR version is that almost all traditional nonstick pans get their slipperiness from PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coatings.

First introduced commercially as Teflon in 1949, PTFE is relatively stable… to a point. Once it reaches temperatures of 500 degrees or more, PTFE begins to decompose and emit toxic chemicals that can lead to flu-like symptoms.

While the FDA states that the PFAS chemicals in question won’t migrate to our food via nonstick cookware, there is a far more concerning history of these chemicals being dumped into our waterways and finding its way into our bodies. How these chemicals should be regulated is still very much a work in progress.

GreenPan is different. Their Thermolon coating is made from the same minerals that have been used to make glass and pottery for centuries, producing no toxic fumes while conducting heat better than traditional nonstick. The result? These pans take less energy to produce, and you use less energy to achieve the same results with your fried eggs and pancakes at home.

Instead of plastic, the raw materials of Thermolon are derived from sand. Using a proprietary Sol-Gel procedure, this sand derivative is turned into a solution and sprayed directly onto the pan, which is then cured using a process requiring 60 percent fewer CO2 emissions than traditional nonstick.

“We’ve created seven generations of Thermolon, each a culmination of years of study and experience,” she explains. “We hold over 150 patents for technological advancements designed to make cooking easier and better for everyone. And we know for a fact our technology makes our pans better. We have a dedicated in-house testing lab, in addition to our third-party testing lab, that compares our innovations with other products on the market.”

Best Use for GreenPan’s Ceramic Cookware

Image of a brunch spread in the sunshine, with watermelon mint drinks, churros, and chilaquiles on nonstick nontoxic cookware via Organic Authority.
GreenPan products are built to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Their nonstick coating is more durable than normal nonstick pans.Credit: GreenPan

Ceramic cookware can be used much like traditional nonstick. That means it’s our go-to for omelets and pancakes that release with ease.

GreenPan is one of the only ceramic nonstick cookware we’ve found that can transition easily from stovetop to oven, up to 600°F, rendering your seared filet mignon perfectly pink in the middle.

These pans are also safe for use with metal utensils (though they’re happier with wood—check out our favorite wooden spoons here), and while it’s better to wash them by hand, if you’d rather throw it into the dishwasher after a late night dinner party, they won’t suffer the occasional gentle wash cycle. The Reserve and GP5 Stainless Steel pans are built to withstand wear and tear.

GreenPan compliments your regular pan rotation by being the perfect pan for recipes that require low to medium heat and quick release. Think sauteed eggplant, gooey grilled cheese, or the perfect gluten-free quesadillas.

GreenPan’s Environmental Stewardship

Colorful line of GreenPan non-toxic ceramic pans hanging on the wall in a kitchen via Organic Authority. Choose your color before it becomes unavailable, as they add new colors to fit the season or style.
Credit: GreenPan

GreenPan’s factory runs on 30 percent solar energy, and all of the company’s products are made with recycled aluminum. The company even has its own wastewater treatment plant to ensure they’re being responsible with their water usage.

“We own our factories. We know the DNA of our products,” says Oakley. “We make our coating, we make our pans, and we make sure every product lives up to our standards. We don’t have to wait for the industry to change to do something about it—we are the change.”

They’re super transparent about their practices, which is why we’re able to give them Organic Authority Approved status. When we requested, GreenPan happily provided a copy of third-party lab tests, proving compliance to California’s Prop 65 standards.

In addition to practicing sustainable standards now, the company is always looking for the next step to do better by its consumers and the planet. “We’ve won dozens of awards for our dedication to our workers and the environment,” says Oakley, “but we are always working to make healthy products better for everyone.”

organic authority clean cookware seal of approval for non-toxic= cookware reviewed
The Organic Authority Approved Clean Cookware seal for non-toxic, nonstick cookware. Credit: Organic Authority Studio

Organic Authority Approved Clean Cookware

Because of GreenPan’s year over year improvements in their non-toxic, nonstick cookware, and environmental stewardship, the brand has earned Organic Authority’s Clean Cookware seal of approval. If you want to know more about what that means, read, The Organic Authority Approved Manifesto.

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