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Once upon a time, many years ago, when Organic Authority first started, things like farmers markets and organic groceries were considered fringe. Hippie. Crunchy. Granola. Fast forward, and consumer demand has even the likes of national chains like Kroger supplying organic versions of just about everything. This is a profound change in how Americans eat, and yet there's one big miss that hasn't hit the national consciousness. This, dear readers, is clean non-toxic cookware.

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From the Organic Authority Files

The nonstick cookware industry has long been rife with chemical contamination, and as a result, we’ve been spending even more time seeking out only the cleanest cookware in which to prepare our organic food. (To reap the rewards of our tireless search, check out our guide to non-toxic nonstick cookware and the guide to non-toxic bakeware.).

A pancake in a Caraway Cookware pan
Pasta cooked in Caraway pot on stovetop
A set of white Caraway cookware on a stovetop.
Cooking fresh tomato sauce in a Caraway pan on stovetop
Caraway pot and pan on stovetop
caraway mangnetic rack and linen lid holders
organic authority clean cookware seal of approval for non-toxic= cookware reviewed

Organic Authority Approved Clean Cookware

Because of Caraway's transparency, thoughtful design, and utility, the brand has earned Organic Authority’s Clean Cookware seal of approval. If you want to know more about what that means, read, The Organic Authority Approved Manifesto.

Still don't know which set or pots and pans are right for you? Take our Cookware Quiz to get more personalized recommendations. 

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