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Kerry Benjamin

Kerry is a professional aesthetician and founder of StackedSkincare® spa in Santa Monica. There she developed her methodology called “stacking”, combining peels, serums, and tools to drive active ingredients deeper into the skin. 

StackedSkincare® is a vegan, cruelty-free, non-comedogenic, sulfate-free, clean skincare line developed by expert aesthetician Kerry Benjamin using U.S. pharmaceutical grade ingredients. StackedSkincare is driven by Kerry’s belief that a fresh-faced glow starts with saying goodbye to skin issues that prevent you from embracing life’s richness.

Kerry struggled with eczema since she was a child and understands how painful and emotionally debilitating skin issues can be. As a kid, she was embarrassed by her red, angry skin. As an adult, she went to bed with ice packs on her body in the hopes that they would relieve the pain and itching long enough to get any sleep. She tried everything; steroid medication, even wrapping herself in plastic wrap - nothing helped. When her eczema landed her in the hospital with a severe MRSA infection, she knew she had to make a big life and career change. 

In 2012, after Kerry received her aesthetician’s license, she opened the StackedSkincare® spa in Santa Monica. Not only did her skin begin to clear up, but she became secure again in her own body. In 2015, the signature product line, StackedSkincare was born. StackedSkincare is sold exclusively online at, and select retailers including Sephora and Neiman Marcus.