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3 Superb Reasons We Love The Moo Man

The Moo Man is dedicated to producing organic milk.

We all know by now that conventional cows don’t have the best lives. That’s why we were so happy to find out about the Moo Man. Stephen Hook, the Moo Man, has dedicated his life to raising happy and healthy cows at Hook & Son, a laid-back, beautiful dairy farm in the United Kingdom.

While the Moo Man is getting a bit of notoriety thanks to “The Moo Man,” a Sundance documentary, Hook still has a tough time keeping his farm afloat.

Directors Andy Heathcote and Heike Bachelier filmed “The Moo Man” over the course of four years. During those four years, the filmmakers learned quite a lot about the trials and tribulations that come when you decide to run a small dairy farm. After reading about the documentary on Modern Farmer, we’ve listed 3 reasons we love what the Moo Man is doing, and hope he and his farm remain in operation for many years to come.

1. The Moo Man is dedicated to producing high-quality milk

Hook’s small herd of black and white Holsteins (it’s about 55-70) produce raw, unpasteurized, organic milk. While Hook could make more money if he embraced modern farming practices, he’s decided to say “no thanks” to the mass-production approach. “As a result of modern dairy practices, Hook has decided to turn his back on the cost-cutting and trading strategies that lead to the 'horrible shop milk' sold at supermarket chains,” reports Modern Farmer.

2. We love the time he takes to tend to his cows

Hook tends a small herd of cows, so he knows every cow’s personality… seriously. Because he knows his cows quite well, his herd has bonded to him and come to his side when they are called. He tends to cows in all states. (The film features him “attending to the birth” of three calves, and coming to the aid of an injured calf.)

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. We love that the Moo Man’s farm gets new customers by operating in a natural, healthy way

Hook and his family (his wife and his four children, and his dad) sell the farm’s milk directly to the public. The family sells at farmers markets and encourages potential customers to sample his milk. He knows it’s better than supermarket milk.

Watch the full documentary for yourself at the Moo Man’s website.

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Image: Facebook photo of the "Moo Men"

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