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39 Ultimate Foodie Experiences

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"Foodie" is that broad label we either love or hate. Sometimes, it's a compliment—you're that person who knows everything about food. And sometimes, it's other than pleasant—you're that person who knows everything about food…

However we're looked at—we love food, plain and simple. Still, it can be a hard thing to reckon with. We have so many food stigmas in this country. It's a divisive topic. But the best thing we can do is embrace exactly who we are. Food is essential to our existence. And if we're passionate about it, let those passions fly!

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From the Organic Authority Files

Are you a foodie? Have you tried these ultimate foodie experiences?

  1. Grow something yummy all by yourself.
  2. Grow enough to give away to your friends and neighbors.
  3. Read a Michael Pollan book (or all of them).
  4. Support a community garden.
  5. Shop at a farmers market regularly.
  6. Tour a farm.
  7. Start a farm.
  8. Cook single ingredients. Why? Because it's food at its finest and purest. Savor the true flavor.
  9. Eat a tomato like you would an apple.
  10. Bake your own bread.
  11. Ferment something (on purpose).
  12. Make (vegan) ice cream from scratch.
  13. Honor your food. It becomes part of you.
  14. Compost.
  15. Learn about mushrooms. Eat some.
  16. Make your own beer.
  17. Make your own ketchup.
  18. Grill fruit.
  19. Wild harvest herbs (with an expert to make sure they're exactly what you think they are).
  20. Grow herbs.
  21. Eat a flower.
  22. Reduce your food waste.
  23. Teach a child how to plant an apple tree.
  24. Make your own blend of herbal tea.
  25. Pickle something.
  26. Invest in quality cookware.
  27. Make more soups from scratch.
  28. Make more salad dressings from scratch.
  29. Support Fair Trade foods.
  30. If you eat meat, eggs or dairy, make sure you visit the source where they come from.
  31. Support hunger relief efforts.
  32. Eat seasonally.
  33. Eat at Chez Panisse.
  34. Share a long meal with friends.
  35. Bake biscotti.
  36. Fondue something.
  37. Make your own chocolate.
  38. Learn to love bitter flavors.
  39. Know with all of your being that eating well doesn't mean you're a food snob or taking food away from others. It is our right, our responsibility to our children, to protect good, clean food.

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