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Judge Says USDA Must Protect Organic Crops from Pesticide-Contaminated Compost
June 23, 2016
A California judge says the USDA must reverse its ruling that allows organic crops to be treated with compost that…
compost things you never thought you could
June 6, 2016
You know you can kitchen scraps and yard trimmings. But if you limit yourself to only those items then you're…
Industrial/Organic's plan could help curb NYC's food waste problem.
May 18, 2016
Industrial/Organic, a budding New York company, has the capability to eliminate the stink that comes with eliminating large-scale food waste.
10 Eco-Friendly Garden Tools You Know You Want
April 26, 2016
Buying garden tools will give you more than an excuse to go shopping. Eco-friendly garden tools will serve you through…
6 Tips on How to Avoid Compost Problems (BTW, You're Welcome)
April 3, 2016
As an organic gardener I've had many compost problems (& solved most). Learn from me! Here are 6 tips so…
Compost can slow climate change.
March 28, 2016
You already knew compost was a great addition to your home garden. But have you heard that compost also can…
Compost Tea: Learn How to Make it in 4 Easy Steps
March 14, 2016
Your garden enjoys tea as much as you do! Learn how to make compost tea and have a 100% organic…
Gardening for Beginners: 10 Questions Every Absolute Beginner Has
March 8, 2016
You've decided that this is the year you start gardening! Check out this guide to gardening for beginners and get…
Fall vegetables you may not have heard of but should try today!
August 27, 2015
Your gardening days aren't over just because the air is cooler. Learn tips for cold weather gardening and you'll be…
How to Improve Your Garden Soil Naturally for the Happiest Garden on the Block
August 4, 2015
Improve your garden soil naturally with organic material. Grow bigger, better, stronger plants by using organic soil amendments. Seaweed &…