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4 Green Business Startups We Love Who Need a Financial Kick

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Kickstarter is getting a lot of positive press lately, and rightly so! The funding site helps creative people gain financial footing and successfully start, or improve, their business.

Recently, featured Click & Grow. Click & Grow is marketed as an easy-to-use electronic smartpot that can grow plants without fertilizing and watering. The company wants to use the money raised on the crowdfunding site to turn its functioning prototype into a production-ready product. After perusing the Kickstarter site, I found a few pretty stellar green-themed projects that are also worthy of a kick.

1. Click & Grow

“The Smart Herb Garden builds on Click & Grow’s first product, but with several improvements following feedback from customers; namely that people want to grow more than one plant at a time and that the amount of natural light available in a person’s home is often not enough for healthy plant growth. The new improved version features a built-in LED light, as well as a change in the plant pot part of the design to make it easy to grow three different plants simultaneously, with the same ‘smart’ technology taking care of the heavy lifting. It also plugs into a power socket rather than relying on four AA batteries, while the new design negates the need for a pump or sensor.” TechCrunch

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From the Organic Authority Files

2. Global Gardens Bees 'n Seeds by NRC/PGP/CLESE

Donate a few bucks to help the gardeners install a seed-saving garden, and beehives. Global Gardens was transformed from an abandoned lot into a lush garden. The garden is one and a quarter acre in Chicago, Ill. The garden also has an allotment for 200 families, Grow2Give, and the Global Gardens Refugee Training Farm.

3. Railyard Community Art Garden by Tamara Fox

The Railyard Community Art Garden is intended to enhance the Salt Lake City, Utah, community. The garden was started by Artists for Local Agriculture and the Utah Arts Alliance. The art garden will provide space for members of the community to grow organic food and make unique art. The garden will offer standard garden plots for the public and an opportunity for artists to freely create art.

4. Growing Hope- Fueled by Veggies by Growing Hope

From Growing Hope’s Kickstarter:

“For nearly 10 years, Growing Hope has been helping people improve their lives and communities through improved access to fresh fruits and veggies. From after-school nutrition and garden programs to training people for community garden leadership to managing an urban farmers market, Growing Hope is always formulating new ways to inspire, educate, and empower communities-- starting in our home in Ypsilanti, Michigan, and radiating out from there."

Growing Hopes wants its kickstarter project to help the organization make a fundamental shift in how it and runs and wants to generate sustainable revenue to help the community grow without being dependent on grants.

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