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4 Vegan Desserts Totally Worth Breaking Your Resolutions For

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Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

Image credit @cinnaholic/Instagram

Did you survive “Quitter’s Day?” According to Strava, January 12, 2018 was the day an overwhelming number of people quit or broke from their New Year’s resolutions. If you’ve gotten this far, good for you! However, what’s a New Year’s resolution without a bit of temptation? The holidays may be over, but vegan bakeries are still cranking out their coveted sugary confections, luring us in with their InstaStories and drool-worthy Instagram feeds. If you’re going to take a detour from your healthy eating resolution, make sure you truly enjoy it - without guilt. These four over-the-top vegan desserts will feed your senses and leave you totally blissed out and satisfied. No regrets! 

1. Karma Baker’s Unicorn Donut

Vegan Unicorn Doughnut

Image credit Karma Baker

We all know that co-worker who brings in donuts on a regular basis. The temptation is constant, but we’ve successfully maintained our resolve and avoided that dreaded pink box of glazed and jelly-filled empty calories. Why? We’re saving our indulgences for a treat that will truly delight, such as Karma Baker’s whimsical unicorn-themed donuts. These gluten-free sweets are edible works of art. Celine, the owner and baker of Karma, describes her process:

“We start with our super moist buttermilk [cake] and coat it with [vegan] white chocolate and our in-house created sprinkles - a mix of pink and purple sprinkles, silver stars, pink bubblegum balls and multi-colored quins. In the center [of the donut] is a handmade marshmallow fondant unicorn horn. We have an amazing chocolate version too!” 

Customers travel far and wide for these spectacular treats. The storefront is located in Westlake Village, CA (about forty miles north of Los Angeles), but she has San Diego regulars. That’s a two and a half hour commute, without traffic! She’s shipped her goodies as far as Korea, multiple times, for a woman in the U.S. military stationed there.

Even though these creations are massive, no one should feel guilty eating them. Celine places a high priority on sourcing the best ingredients, including organic cold-pressed coconut oil, organic applesauce, and an in-house gluten-free flour blend. She leaves out extracts, dairy, eggs, and additives to ensure the highest quality product totally worth each blissful bite.

When asked about New Year’s resolutions, Celine responded, “Food is life and a celebration. So when you choose to eat better, don’t stop celebrating. Choose the good stuff ninety percent of the time, but don’t forget to eat dessert and have fun with friends. Our donuts have actually convinced people that they can eat a vegan diet ALL of the time. That they don’t have to give up anything to be happy and healthy.”

We’re sold. Treat yourself to a unicorn donut by stopping by her storefront, or ordering a four pack online!

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2. Vegan JAR by JARS by DANI

Vegan JAR

The Vegan JAR

Let’s face it. That “no sugar” resolution may have been a bit too strict. It’s time for a minor detour. But what sweet treat is worthy of this break in resolve? If you can’t decide, the Vegan JAR from JARS by DANI lets you have it all. Grab your longest spoon and sink it into a deep mason jar overflowing with delicious layers of vegan fudge brownie, avocado mousse, cookie dough, and coconut whipped cream. You essentially get four desserts in one decadent bite. JARS by DANI launched its storefront in New York City, but the demand for these highly Instagramable desserts soon led to national shipping service. Order online, crush that sugar craving, and eliminate decision fatigue - all without straying too far from your well-intentioned resolve to eat healthier. 

3. Cinnaholic Customizable Cinnamon Rolls

Vegan Cinnamon Rolls from Cinnaholic

Customizable vegan cinnamon rolls for days! Image credit @cinnaholic/Instagram

“Create your own” has been popular with ice cream chains, but Cinnaholic is taking this concept to the next level with completely customizable, one hundred percent vegan, giant cinnamon rolls. It is literally the Cinnabon of your dreams. Bring a friend to split, or make a special occasion of it and savor one all your own. Start with a freshly baked, gooey cinnamon roll, then let your sugar-starved mind run wild. The company offers over eighteen frostings and twenty toppings to choose from, so you can fulfill any craving. Go for the classic icing topped with fresh fruit, or create a cinna-mountain with cookie dough, brownie bits, and peanut butter frosting...or find a happy medium. Like some popular ice cream chains, the company offers creation suggestions for those of us plagued with severe indecisiveness. Try the seasonal Horchata or Irish Cream, or check out their drool-inducing Instagram for some sweet inspiration. Afraid of going overboard? Order a “baby bun” - a bite-sized cinnamon bun simply topped with a bit of classic icing. The rolls also freeze well, so you can portion out a bit for now and freeze the rest for the next time you need a sugar fix. Cinnaholics are expanding across the U.S. faster than the cauliflower rice trend, so look for one near you. Unfortunately, they no longer offer shipping.

4. Vegan Molten Chocolate Cake From Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery

Vegan Molten Chocolate Cake

Image credit @getyourhotcakes/Instagram

Nothing says treat yourself like molten chocolate cake. On a scale of one to decadence, this dessert is off the charts. Use this to your advantage. This dark chocolate vegan cake is so rich, you’ll be satisfied with just a few luxurious spoonfuls. Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery calls Seattle home, but they ship nationwide. Plus, each cake comes in its own mason jar that will last in the freezer for up to one year! The bakery prides itself on sourcing local, non-GMO ingredients, from famers that practice sustainable agriculture. Don’t feel guilty about indulgence, you’re supporting small businesses and the environment. We’ll raise a spoon to that! 

Find Tanya on Instagram and The Vegan Potluck Podcast. 

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