5 Top Tips To Figure Out, "What's For Dinner?!?"


I have been doing a lot of phone consults for the LauraKleinGreenClub.com to help clients lead a more organic and green lifestyle and they are absolutely a blast! I love helping people, and a common stumbling block is cooking healthy organic foods on a regular basis. For many it is overwhelming.


So here are my top tips for everyday cooking that will get you organized and put you on the path to everyday healthy eating!

  1. Get organized and create a calendar of recipes for what you are going to cook for the week, and literally write it on the calendar. I put mine on my calendar in the kitchen. That way all I have to do when I go to the kitchen is glance at it, and I know what's for dinner!
  2. Once you've chosen the recipes, make a shopping list and shop for all of the ingredients once, or at most twice a week. The point is to get organized so you don't have to go to the grocery every other day.
  3. Depending on how much you eat in our out, pick 2-4 nights to cook.
  4. When you cook, cook enough so you have leftovers for at least one to two more meals for the whole family i.e. lunch and or dinner.
  5. Cook every other night and eat leftovers every other day and or night. This will get you organized and take the pressure off of having to continually figure out "What's for dinner?!?!"

When I started this routine, it made my cooking and grocery shopping life so much easier! I didn't have to continually reinvent the wheel everyday and figure out "What's for dinner?!?!"

And by the way, another stumbling block for people going organic, can be resistance from a spouse and or family member(s). If your family is resistant to going organic with their food, my advice: Don't ask permission, JUST DO IT!

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