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Being Naked is Good for the Planet...

I’m naked right now! Just kidding, that’d be creepy. But for a lot of people walking around naked is a lifestyle. I call them crazy people.


However, nudism or “naturalism” is catching on. More and more people are shedding their clothes and bearing their giblets. Many of them claim it’s green.

Being naked from time to time means you’re not wearing as much clothes, so you’re not doing a lot of laundry, using up water or releasing detergents into the sewers.

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From the Organic Authority Files

But some people take it a giant step further. Instead of just staying inside, they take naked vacations with other naked people. On these nude getaways vacationers do activities and eat diets with very low ecological impact.

And the idea is spreading! In France, nearly a third of vacationers at the Aquitaine region on the French Atlantic coast are foreign nudists.

I wouldn’t have a problem with nudism, if it weren’t for every other nudist looking like Archie Bunker or Mimi from The Drew Carey Show.

Via Green Inc.

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