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Beyond Meat Announces Launch of Beyond Sausage, a 'Revolutionary Plant-Based Breakthrough'

Beyond Meat Announces Launch of Beyond Sausage, a 'Revolutionary Plant-Based Breakthrough'

image via Beyond Meat

Catapulting off of the success of the meaty pea-protein based Beyond Burger, Southern California’s vegan meat brand Beyond Meat announced the launch of Beyond Sausage yesterday.

“I love Beyond Sausage first and foremost because it’s truly so enjoyable to eat but also because I see it as an advance in our team’s relentless march toward a perfect build of meat from plants,” Ethan Brown, CEO of Beyond Meat, said in a statement. “Though we aren’t there yet, I’m encouraged by the progress we’ve made with Beyond Sausage and look forward to hearing what the consumer thinks.”

The Beyond Sausage is a “revolutionary plant-based breakthrough,” according to the company, delivering “the juicy, satisfying taste and texture of pork sausage, but with more protein, 43% less total fat, 38% less saturated fat, 27% less calories and 26% less sodium than traditional pork sausage.”

Beyond Meat Announces Launch of Beyond Sausage, a 'Revolutionary Plant-Based Breakthrough'

image via Beyond Meat

The Beyond Sausage is launching exclusively at Whole Foods Market Pearl Street location in Boulder, Colorado, before launching in other regions. The Pearl Street location is where Beyond Meat first launched its highly successful Beyond Burger. The burgers were merchandised alongside the meat counters even though the ingredients are all plant-based. 

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And it worked. While there are now multiple placements throughout stores (including the vegan meat alternative sections), the Beyond Burger maintains sales near the meat counters, and expects the same for its Beyond Sausage once it launches into retail. It is currently only being sold at the Beyond Burger restaurant inside the Pearl Street Whole Foods.

“As a category leader in plant-based meat alternatives, Beyond Meat has revolutionized how consumers get their protein,” said Red Elk Banks, vice president of Whole Foods Market’s Rocky Mountain region. “We’re thrilled to introduce the Beyond Sausage to our Boulder shoppers, and proud to partner with Beyond Meat on the introduction of another innovative and delicious plant-based protein.”

Beyond Sausage is an industry first, using pea, fava bean, and rice protein “organized to deliver against the unique texture of pork sausage,” the company says. “Trace amounts of beet lend the meaty red color. Coconut oil ensures mouth-watering juiciness. And it’s all wrapped in a 100% plant-based casing derived from algae. Like the Beyond Burger, the company used its proprietary approach to braiding and binding proteins, fats, minerals, and water to recreate the basic architecture of meat.”

The sausages come in three flavors: Original Bratwurst, Hot Italian, and Sweet Italian.

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