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Carbofuran Pesticide Gets the Axe...

Bananas, squash, sunflowers and other fruits and vegetables just got a little safer. The Environmental Protection Agency will no longer tolerate any carbofuran pesticide residue on foods.


Carbofuran may or may not be harmful to humans, but a single granule of the chemical can kill an adult bird.

The EPA has moved to ban all pesticide residues on food, so the mandate on carbofuran will also involve crops grown outside of the United States.

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From the Organic Authority Files

In addition to bananas, squash and sunflowers, other fruits and vegetables, including wheat, raisins, rice, grapes, melon, pumpkin, peppers and even coffee beans, will now be carbofuran residue-free.

Prior to this, the EPA tried to cancel the pesticide’s registration in 2006. This would have stopped its use in the U.S., but the manufacturer lobbied the zany Bush Administration for help. Go figure!

The main driver behind the EPA’s ban of carbofuran is the potential risks to pregnant mothers and their developing children.

Via The Daily Green.

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