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Chipotle Goes for the Green!


Chipotle Mexican Grill has opened a new GREEN restaurant!

Located in Gurnee, Illinois it features the LASTEST in eco-friendly amenities. Some highlights from MarketWatch:

  • Constructed with recycled drywall and barn metal and low-chemical paints.
  • A 6-kilowatt onsite wind-turbine will provide some of the restaurant’s energy.
  • Energy-efficient LEED lighting, kitchen equipment, faucets and toilets.
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From the Organic Authority Files

  • A 2,500 gallon water cistern that will gather rainwater and irrigate the landscape.
  • Beautified with native plants which require less watering and fertilizer
  • And special asphalt that reflects the sun’s heat, cooling the entire site.

Chipotle is MORE my speed. But Dunkin’ Donuts recently unveiled its own green store.

No wind-turbine, but it uses energy-efficient lighting, eco-friendly plumbing and earthworm-casting that’ll CONVERT restaurant scraps into fertilizer.

Via GreenDaily.

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