‘Consumed’ Movie: GMOs Get a Sobering Fictional Makeover

Check out the "Consumed" movie this spring if you can.

Horror films and thrillers often reflect the fears of the culture as a whole. So, it’s no surprise that the “Consumed” movie was recently released.

“Consumed” follows a single, working-class mother while she tries to figure why her son is ill. As the mother visits various resources and conducts her own research about food and the farming industry, she becomes more convinced that the “thing” sickening her son is the genetically modified (GMO) food lining her local grocery store’s shelves.

“Consumed” is a great watch for quite a few reasons: Zoe Lister-Jones, the film’s co-writer who also happens to be its lead actress and co-producer, does a wonderful job making GMOs scary without repeatedly banging the viewer over the head with the message. The storytelling is subtle and entertaining.

Daryl Wein, the movie’s director, co-producer, and co-writer, and Lister-Jones also attracted a lot notable talent for the film. Danny Glover plays a weathered and all-too-wise organic farmer, Anthony Edwards is an incredibly creepy scientist, and Victor Garber plays a very convincing GMO enthusiast. Even Beth Grant, an amazing character actress who has appeared in other films, such as “Donnie Darko,” and the TV show “The Mindy Project,” made an appearance in the film.

The movie also tells multiple related storylines. Many modern films have tried to weave stories together in this way and have failed miserably. Each story within “Consumed” gets the appropriate amount of attention and explanation.

And although “Consumed” isn’t without its flaws — I would have liked to see the ending sequence play out a bit more realistically — it’s a suspenseful watch that’s filled with great performances.

The film isn’t screening throughout the country just yet, but you can click over to the movie’s site to see where “Consumed” is screening this spring. It also will be released on VOD March 22.

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