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Genetically Engineered 'Double-Muscle' Pigs Surface in Cambodia
October 9, 2017
Images of hogs from a farm in Cambodia that appear to have been genetically engineered to be extremely muscular have…
dannon yogurt
September 20, 2017
Dannon has launched its first Non-GMO Project verified yogurts in accordance with its Dannon Pledge for more sustainability and transparency.
Canada Becomes First Country to (Unwittingly) Consume GMO Salmon
August 18, 2017
The very first GMO salmon has been on sale in Canada since April. To date, nearly five tons of the…
Glyphosate in Ben & Jerry's
image via Ben & Jerry's/Instagram
July 28, 2017
Traces of glyphosate have been found in Ben & Jerry's ice cream. The brand has made its reputation on its…
gmo corn
June 28, 2017
A jury has decided Syngenta must pay $217.7 million in damages over its GMO corn contaminating the American supply and…
gmo labeling
June 9, 2017
The GMO labeling bill signed into law last July mandated that the USDA set the regulations for the new labels,…
pink pineapple
December 16, 2016
The genetically modified pink pineapple developed by Del Monte has been approved for sale in the United States by the…
health benefits of organic food
December 5, 2016
Nearly half of Americans are not convinced of organic's value; only approximately 55 percent believe in the health benefits of…
synthetic biology
November 23, 2016
The National Organic Standards Board has unanimously voted to keep next generation gene editing techniques like synthetic biology out of…
are gmo foods healthier than conventional?
July 6, 2016
Contrary to some claims, GMO foods are not healthier than non-GMO foods in any sense -- here are three reasons…