Of Course He Did: The Top 10 Reasons Al Gore Went Vegan (Finally)

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Several years ago, Al Gore’s pal Bill Clinton went vegan. (You know, the guy who used to jog to the hamburger joint on the job.) It was pretty shocking news, and even though Clinton’s not technically 100 percent vegan, he looks healthier now than he did ten years ago. And now, Al’s made the switch, too? What gives?

In case you haven’t noticed, the vegan diet is no longer just for misanthropic teens and dreadlocked hippies. It’s a diet and lifestyle choice that’s reached mainstream audiences. Forbes magazine called high-end vegan cuisine its top food trend for 2013. So, Al may be a little late to the game, but the climate change poster boy has much to gain in making the transition. In fact, here are a few things we think influenced Al Gore’s decision to go vegan:

  1. Rising global temperatures made him too hot for meat-eating.
  2. Bill Clinton promised to take him to a vegan strip club.
  3. He wants Joan Jett to return his calls already.
  4. Mike Tyson promised to teach him how to bite ears off. (*See #9)
  5. Trying to fit into that bathing suit. (His new lady friend lives in California.)
  6. Bacon just reminds him way too much of hanging chads.
  7. Always had a secret desire to be a seitan worshipper.
  8. Wants to lose a few pounds before having his portrait done by George W. Bush.
  9. One word: ManBearPig.
  10. He finally watched that Oscar-winning movie about climate change, and realized diets focused on animal products negatively impact the environment.

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Image: Mitch King