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Crummy Brothers Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies

I just received a gift of Crummy Brothers Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies in peppermint, orange blossom and lavender. Because I am not a huge fan of cookies I actually let these cookies sit one day on my dining room table before I opened them. As I walked by the cookies today on my way to the kitchen, I thought I better give them a try.

My first bite was of the peppermint chocolate chip cookie. Oh my, this first bite sent me to another planet while my eyes rolled back in my head. No joke. I am not a huge fan of chocolate chip cookies or cookies for that matter, and these are amazing! Their flavor is undeniably fresh and not too sweet. The peppermint flavor reminds me of the homemade fresh chocolate mint ice cream I make every summer. Additionally the light yet, chewy texture of the cookie keeps you coming back for more.

Wow, is all I can say about these lavender chocolate chip cookies. This is what every girl needs to satisfy her sweet tooth at certain times of the month! The lavender flavor is subtle yet definitely there and undecidedly feminine. It doesn’t overpower you with its perfumeries. Again this cookie tastes extremely fresh and kept me coming back for more. Onto the orange blossom…

The orange blossom is equally satisfying as the first two. With its fresh citrus flavor this could easily satisfy a woman’s craving! These cookies are absolutely scrumptious. I think they are some of the best cookies I’ve ever had!

From the Organic Authority Files

Crummy Brothers cookies are something to be treasured and not to be taken lightly. They are not your typical sweet, dried out chocolate chip cookie that tastes like every other prepackaged bag of cookies on the grocery store shelf that has way too long of a shelf life. These are for the true organic foodie who will appreciate their bright creative flavors and would make an excellent gift!

When I looked at the list of ingredients I was pleasantly surprised to find that these cookies are made with organic wheat flour! You would never know it judging by its flavor. These would also make a great alternative sweet snack food for kids when they deserve something special. However, these cookies may best be reserved for the adults accompanied by a fortified glass of organic red wine like port.

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The Chief Organic Foodie

Laura Lynn Klein


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