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Disposable Green Coffee Cup Composts in 90 Days


Coffee lovers may have one more reason to take it to go. Los Angeles based Repurpose Compostables recently debuted One Cup--a sustainable and 100 percent compostable single-use coffee cup.

The innovative cups are designed with the Forest Stewardship Council certified paper products, are formulated with 65 percent less carbon dioxide than conventional paper cups, and will fully compost in 90 days, making the One Cup a certified compostable product.

One Cup has also been created so that it does not require a sleeve or double cupping to protect consumers from their hot beverages, as a unique patented insulation material makes the single wall cup just as effective in providing a barrier from the heat as the common methods of using two cups or cardboard sleeves.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Lauren Gropper, Chief Executive Officer of Repurpose Compostables says the company is committed to producing highest performing and highest quality food service products that also lower consumer impact on the environment. "Our new insulated cup with Ingeo based lining eliminates the need for double cupping which we have found in speaking to vendors is a hidden cost that people don't realize. The One Cup also eliminates the need for a sleeve, another wasteful product associated with hot beverages. In many cases vendors are using four individual pieces. Finally a one product solution exists that is also compostable, comes from renewable resources and is affordable."

According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America, nearly 50 percent of the U.S. population (150 million) regularly drinks some of the $18 billion worth of coffee products sold each year throughout nearly 50,000 coffee shops across the country, sending more than 23 billion paper cups—or 9.4 billion trees—to landfills in 2010.

The Repurpose Web site does not yet list locations where the One Cup can be found.

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