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Door to Door Organics Gets Big Investment in "Good Food"

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Grocery delivery company Door to Door Organics received a $2 million investment from Greenmont Capital to help expand their subscription-based e-grocery experience.

The seven-year-old company has taken the CSA model online and offers one of the largest grocery delivery networks in the U.S. with operations in Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan and Pennsylvania. In addition to its original mission to deliver "good food"—fresh, organic produce—to homes, offices, and schools, Door to Door Organics now also offers high-end and local grocery products including sustainably-raised meat, artisan bread, local dairy and other items.

“We built this business by delivering fresh, high-quality food that has a positive impact on people’s health, the environment, and our communities,” Chad Arnold, President and CEO of Door to Door Organics, said in a statement. “Now we’re focused on integrating the best e-grocery experience for our customers, so people can build a lifestyle around better food choices. With planning, shopping, and cooking tools, like our Shop by Recipe™ platform for e-grocery, we’re bringing together inspiration, simplicity, and personalization for a great shopping experience.”

From the Organic Authority Files

Greenmont Capital, based in Boulder, Colorado, invests in high-growth companies serving the “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability” (“LOHAS”) market.

“We’re excited to partner with Door to Door Organics and bring our experience from retail grocery into the world of e-grocery,” said Greenmont Capital partner David Haynes. “The consumer dynamic is shifting rapidly, and Door to Door Organics is building a compelling solution for the informed, health-conscious consumer who wants to be inspired in the kitchen.”

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