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FarmPlate: Where Foodies Meet All Their Sustainable Needs


A win for sustainable food lovers! FarmPlate, an online directory, helps sustainable foodies find establishments, markets and businesses that buy and sell thier kind of food, that is, the sustainable stuff.

FarmPlate aims to connect farmers, fishermen, foragers, food artisans, restaurants, markets, distributors and foodies. The online directory has 40,000 businesses listed (so far). The farm-to-table site features include a newsletter, a FarmPlate "badge" for websites and business listing upgrades.

As Treehugger points out, FarmPlate is not comprehensive just yet, but we can assume that will change as the site matures and gains more users. While FarmPlate isn't a new concept, it's impressive size and scope is notable, and a welcome addition to any sustainable foodie's food-finding arsenal. Here are a few other websites that are similar:

Real Time FarmsReal Time Farms is a crowd-sourced website. The online food guide allows searchers to discover most any type of food's origin. The site has listings for farms, artisans, farmers markets and eateries.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Eat Well GuideThis online directory includes stores, farms, restaurants, bakers and butchers who produce fresh, sustainable and locally-grown food. The website also has a tool called Eat Well Everywhere. The tool allows people to plan trips or create guides to sustainable destinations.

USDA farmers market searchSelf-explanatory.

LocalHarvestWe've discussed the awesomeness and usefulness many times before.

“Thanks to their support, we're building a real foods community we think is going to revolutionize the way we eat!” -- FarmPlate – our cultivators

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