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Fried Beer, Fried Margaritas, and Fried Salads in Texas


All the fast food has rotted our brains. Ladies and gentlemen that is what we now consider food! And it's a contestant for the 2010 Big Tex Choice Award at this year's State Fair of Texas. They say it's a fried salad - sort of.

How it can be considered a salad I don't know. Its official name is Fernie's Fried Club Salad. They make it by deep-frying a spinach wrap filled with lettuce, ham, chicken, carrots, tomatoes, bacon, cheese, and top it with dressing. Ugh, even without the frying Fernie's is hardly a salad. But compared to the rest of the entrants, this "salad" is a superstar.

Other diabolical munchies included fried beer, which is a beer-filled pretzel pocket that oozes booze when you bite into it. Don't like that? Give the fried frozen margarita a try. It's a funnel cake sprinkled with a lemon-lime mixture.

From the Organic Authority Files

But to the state fair's credit, foods don't have to be fried to enter the contest, just new and unusual creations, like a hand-rolled pizza.

I guess its all in good fun and hopefully people aren't a steady diet of these things, but it does showcase the worst of American cuisine, which is kind of embarrassing; like people who put barbecue sauce on spaghetti. It's heresy I tell you!

Actually, I once saw deep-fried sushi. Some genius had the bright idea to fry California rolls in tempura batter. No, I didn't try any.

But I'm not sure what's worse. These fried monstrosities or a foot-long cheeseburger and a grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with mozzarella sticks. Sigh.

Image credit: The Dallas Morning News

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