Frito-Lay Says They Make Local Food

The term “locavore” is catchy. Its sounds like a person who only eats crazy people, i.e. loco-vore, but its not.

A locavore is someone who only eats food within a certain radius of their home, sometimes narrowed down to state or a certain number of miles.

Now, when you think local food, I doubt potato chips ring any bells, but nevertheless Frito-Lay is all set to sell their snacks as locally grown.

Frito-Lay will soon be running a series of commercials featuring farmers from five different states saying they grow potatoes that Frito-Lay turns into local chips. The farmers are from California, Texas, Florida, Maine and Michigan.

So, I guess if you live in the other 45 states it’s not so local after all. Besides, there’s more to potato chips than just potatoes. What about the salt, oil, and artificial flavorings?

Listen, I’m no cynic, but this seems like a clear cut example of greenwashing to me.

Via Red Green and Blue.