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From Our Friends: August 3, 2012

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It's that time again! We've put together another fantastic From Our Friends roundup that is filled to the brim with facts, tips and most of all FUN! This week's installment includes posts on natural deodorant, stocking your kitchen right, unusual uses for nutritional yeast, home exercises, how to get more iron in your diet, and 10 ways to make our cities greener! Enjoy these and have a wonderful weekend... we'll see you on Monday!

1. When it comes to deodorant, you want a product that will protect you from odor, but not at the expense of harmful chemicals entering your bloodstream. Check out MightyNest's post on natural healthy deodorant that actually works!

2. Stocking your kitchen with healthy, easy staples is the best way to guard against regrettable food compromises. Experience Life has some items worth building into your grocery list, plus expert tips on how you can use them to make mealtime magic – fast. 

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. No doubt about it, nutritional yeast is an odd ingredient. However, it’s gaining popularity among foodies for its cheesy taste and nutritional benefits, but it still has a way to go in terms of becoming the pantry staple it’s meant to be. Get started with EcoSalon's 20 unusual ways to use nutritional yeast!

4. More people than ever are working from home. And combine that with a still sluggish economy, a fancy gym membership may not be on the top of your list. But physical activity should be! Check out these ten home exercises from The Organic Whey you can do with little equipment involved and all the benefits to your body.

5. Improve your mood and shed those pounds with Blisstree's great article on how to get enough iron... even if you don't eat meat!

6. Last, but definitely not least, check out this awesome infographic from Environmental Graffiti on 10 great ways to make our cities greener!

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