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From Our Friends: December 9, 2011

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We have yet again rounded up some fantastic articles this week from our friends around the web. This week's installment includes posts on dealing with high emotions during the holiday season, unusual uses for some of your pantry items, DIY gifts, and two great articles from The Atlantic about what is wrong with the farm bill and how organic food can feed the world. Have a great weekend!

1. Suppressing intense feelings can carry a heavy emotional toll. Experience Life wants you to know that letting it all out just isn’t a good option, that there's a healthier way to cope.

2. Given that current production systems leave nearly one billion people undernourished, the onus should be on the agribusiness industry to prove its model, not the other way around. Find out from The Atlantic how organic can feed the world!

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. Looking to simplify your life, save money or cut the number of chemicals you use around the house? Check out unusual uses for 9 pantry items from EcoSalon!

4. With the farm bill open for debate after the collapse of the Supercommittee, The Atlantic believes it's worth looking at what could be fixed in the current iteration, from food stamps to crop insurance.

5. Looking for microdermabrasion, the natural way? Need an idea for a practical, luxurious and thoughtful gift? Try making your own sugar scrub and your pals and relatives will be thankful for their renewed skin! Read more at MightyNest.

image: Online Health Journal

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