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From Our Friends: July 20, 2012

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We're back with another great installment of From Our Friends, the weekly roundup where we share with you some of our favorite articles from our friends around the web! This week includes articles on sleek counter storage jars, how climate change may be affecting your coffee, the importance of intergenerational relationships, 5 delicious ways to get your vitamin C, healthy road trip snacks, and 7 communities who salvage trash from the world's dumpsites. Enjoy these, and have a great weekend!

1. Do you ever get home from the store and wonder WHERE some of this food is going to be stored? We've all been there, franticly reorganizing to get our groceries put away. Fortunately, MightyNest has a post on 3 of their favorite counter storage jars. After all, healthy food looks better when stored in aesthetic containers!

2. Climate change may be affecting specialty coffee. Read this extremely insightful post from EcoSalon to find out the real impact your cup of espresso has.

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. Do you have any friends outside of your age group? According to Experience Life, doing so can offer rich rewards. Click through to find out the real value of intergenerational relationships.

4. Not getting enough vitamin C? Check out the lastest post from The Organic Whey to discover 5 DELICIOUS ways to get this super antioxidant in your diet!

5. If you're going on a road trip this summer, you should definitely check out Blisstree's roundup of healthy road snacks, courtesy of the web's top food bloggers.

6. These garbage dumps and landfills in the less developed world are not only a place for unwanted trash; they also provide a place to live and work for thousands of people. Check out 7 communities who salvage trash to survive in the world's dumpsites on Environmental Graffiti.

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