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From Our Friends: July 29, 2011

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Is your Friday lagging? Anxious to get off work and enjoy a nice Summer weekend? Take a quick break and check out some of the great articles we discovered throughout the past week, including posts about detoxifying your laundry room from EcoMom and how to get fit at your cubicle from our friends at Rodale! Enjoy your Saturday and Sunday; we'll see you next week!

1. Is there a link between Autism and Toxic Chemicals? Click through to MightyNest to find out.

2. Seane Corne from Experience Life shows you how to experience Yoga's breathtaking effects for yourself.

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. Body Positive: Less than perfect is good for you, says the folks at BlissTree!

4. EcoMom shows you how to reduce toxins in your laundry room and cleaning closet!

5. According to Rodale, there's a new game you can play at work to help you get fit, all through a social network!

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