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From Our Friends: July 8, 2011

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Now that Fourth of July has passed, we are knee deep in the Summer. Beach trips, summer books, road trips, etc. With the help of our friends around the web, we have gathered some great posts to get you in the right state of mind. Why not pick up one of Crushable's novella reccomendations and take a road trip to a beach someone this weekend? All the whilie, stay fit by checking out some of Experience Life's on-the-road fitness tips! In any case, enjoy your weekend anyway you can. We'll see you next week!

1. Mother Nature Network takes a look at the four astronauts who will fly on NASA's historic final shuttle mission, the STS-135 flight of Atlantis.

2. Before you pack your beach bag, take a look at Crushable's six novellas that are better than a beach read. No cats that solve crimes, we promise.

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. Why choose bamboo? MightyNest has all the info on why and where to get the right bamboo products.

4. Jen Sinkler, the fitness editor of Experience Life, did a great Q&A with their readers about on-the-road fitness, vegetarians and muscle mass, and more!

5. If you're looking to spice up the mundane in your kitchen, check out these milk bottle measuring cups at Saveur!

6. Protect your skin and your planet with EcoSalon's seven favorite green sunscreens for summer!

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