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From Our Friends: May 20, 2011

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It's that time again! Since it is currently National Craft Beer Week, we have included some great posts from our friends at Saveur and Blisstree about the best organic brews, as well as George Washington's own home recipe. Between that and natural air fresheners, DIY organic pore cleansing strips and the very Future of Food, this week's From Our Friends is an entertaining and enlightening roundup. We hope you enjoy reading it, have a great weekend!

1. In honor of National Craft Beer Week, Saveur Magazine got a chance to sample George Washington's own home brew recipe.

2. Your family can breathe easier with Rodale's 6 natural air fresheners, free of fake "natural" odors.

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. Our friends at Blisstree got on board with Craft Beer Week and made a list of the best organic brews.

4. Turns out our new OA Everyday Eco Star, the Glamorganic Goddess, is a blogger, and she wrote a great post on how to make your own organic pore cleansing strips.

5. Maria's Farm Country Kitchen did a wonderful report on highlights from the Future of Food Conference.

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