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From Our Friends: October 11, 2013

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Welcome to this week's installment of From Our Friends, a weekly roundup where we highlight some of our favorite posts, published by our friends and partners around the web. This week's edition includes a discussion on why the athletic world is losing at gender equality, how to shake off shame and guilt to live more fully, which face paint can promise your little ones a happy Halloween without scary hidden toxins, thoughts on awakening your mind's powerful inner pharmacy, an easy way to get 20% off one of our favorite organic brands, how to make cheap chic really shine in your home, why horses might be the new trend in yoga, and commentary on whether cosmetics empower women or stifle us. Enjoy!

1. Even in our modern era, female athletes still struggle with body image issues and the pressure to look good. BlissTree explained that eating disorders among female athletes continue to be commonplace, and tying female athletes’ worth to their looks rather than their ability or performance is rampant in sports. The world of professional athletics has a surprisingly long way to go in their treatment toward women.

2. Keep guilt and shame from hindering potential and limiting your life. When we build shame resilience, we disengage from the emotion’s destructive messages, unleash our personal and professional potential, and experience more connection and joy in our lives. Experience Life shares strategies we can use to traverse this murky terrain and regain our sense of worthiness.

3. What's really scary about Halloween? All of the hidden toxins lurking in Halloween costume components. Mighty Nest revealed that even 'non-toxic' paints can be harmful: conventional arts and crafts face paints do not list the ingredients, leaving parents to rely on a 'non-toxic' certification (which still could mean their product is made with petrochemicals and a host of other toxic ingredients). But Glob biodegradable face paints are crafted from fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

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From the Organic Authority Files

4. A powerful way to cultivate the mind’s intrinsic healing power is by nourishing the five senses. Just as the body’s tissues are made from the food we eat, our mind is created from the sensory input we take in. By surrounding ourselves with nurturing sensory experiences rather than toxic ones, we will experience greater vitality and well-being. YogiTimes enlightens us on how to awaken our inner pharmacy. 

5. As a small business, The Organic Whey relies on consumers to post product reviews for the Amazon community. If you've had a pleasant buying experience and you are happy with The Organic Whey, leave a positive review and please let them know by emailing, to earn a 20% off coupon! Easy!

6. Looking for a simple IKEA hack to make your space shine in a unique way? Apartment Therapy's IKEA Sputnik chandelier mod makes crafting the sparkling custom light fixture even easier than you might have thought!

7. Ready to saddle up for the newest yoga trend? Well & Good NYC says that at Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont, an exciting Yoga with Horses retreat is offered periodically. The experience is meant to connect the mindfulness and centeredness of yoga with the more meditative aspects of horseback riding, such as tuning into your own actions and the responses of another living being. Giddy up!

8. Women should never feel that going without makeup isn’t an option. EcoSalon asks if wearing makeup is empowering or harmful? Doing things that make us feel good as women boosts our self esteem. But when people expect ladies to always wear makeup and we’re looked upon as “less” of a woman when we don’t, wearing makeup is less inspired by personal reasons and more by social expectation.

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