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From Our Friends: October 28, 2011

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This week's edition of From Our Friends focuses on you! Well, your body and health that is. We included great articles about BPA and cancer treatment drugs, a complex network of tissue under your skin, the cities you live in, how being around more people can make you happier, and exactly how much libido is considered normal. Thanks for reading every week, we hope you enjoy the posts as much as we did! And of course, have a wonderful Halloween weekend! 

1. According to MightyNest, a new study revealed that BPA and Methylparaben block cancer treatment drugs.

2. Just beneath your skin lies a complex network of connective tissue called fascia. It helps you move well, stand straight and play hard. Experience Life is posting that keeping it healthy might be one of the fastest—and most overlooked—ways to improve your health and fitness.

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. Hard economic times be damned: Ecosalon has a great article on ten US cities that make their own green.

4. Do you live with roommates? Alternet has an interesting post about one woman who found that living with others was good for her wallet, her health, and her happiness.

5. In another great installment as part of their Sex (Re)Ed. week, Blisstree answers just how much libido is normal, anyway.

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