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a natural candle is unlit on a table with a plant and an avocado pit that has not sprouted yet
Beeswax is considered the "healthiest" candle wax. Make sure you source beeswax from a responsible bee keeper or company.
December 21, 2023
These non-toxic candles that smell fantastic. No indoor pollution, harmful ingredients, or nauseating scents. Try these clean burning, candles that…
The Last 5 Healthy Eating Rules You'll Ever Need
October 8, 2018
Healthy eating doesn't need to be complicated. Here are five steadfast healthy eating rules that transcend all the trends.
FDA May Finally Define 'Natural' and 'Healthy,' Says Commissioner Scott Gottlieb
March 30, 2018
FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced the agency's intent to more clearly define "healthy" and "natural" as part of a goal…
Here's How Top Wellness Experts Keep the Hanger Away With Delish Snacks
August 22, 2017
When you're feeling hangry, reach for one of these healthy snacks, as recommended by top wellness experts, to keep you…
health food
Young woman is eating breakfast cereal
January 2, 2017
Many so-called "health foods" aren't actually that good for you. We break down five of the most common culprits (and…
vegetarian recipes - minestrone
December 26, 2016
This Meatless Monday, choose a healthful yet delicious dish from some of our favorite vegetarian recipes. Each is full of…
Subway Restaurants Latest to Ditch Artificial Ingredients
June 8, 2015
Subway restaurants are taking consumer criticism to heart and will be replacing a number of artificial ingredients on its menus.
Are These 6 Catchy Health Headlines Actually Ruining Your Health?
May 7, 2015
We are bombarded by them daily. Are these health headlines actually doing your body more damage than good?
Navajo Nation Passes First Junk Food Tax In U.S.
April 7, 2015
Taking aim at the obesity crisis rattling the Navajo community, the tribal nation has passed the first junk food tax…