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From Our Friends: September 30, 2011

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Each week on Organic Authority we put together a roundup of our favorite articles from our friends around the web. We call it From Our Friends, and it's always enlightening, always entertaining, and never boring. This week is no different, with articles about Snooki's diet pills, 14-year-old accidental sex symbols, antibacterial school supplies and more! If you ever see an article you think we'd like, post it on our wall! Until then, enjoy the posts and have a great weekend!

1. MightyNest wonders if all the antibacterial school supplies going around are doing more harm than good.

2. If doing new things makes us feel good, why do we resist doing them? Experience Life has practical ways to get past our fear of the unknown and make each day an adventure.

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. Whether or not you are a Jersey Shore fan, there is something unsettling about cast member Snooki touting diet pills that contain 12 TIMES as much caffeine as espresso. Blisstree has the scoop.

4. If you celebrated Rosh Hashanah, you likely indulged in the traditional snack of apples and honey. But do you know where your honey comes from? Read more at Abe's Market blog.

5. Trust us, the internet can be a strange place.Mommyish has a story on the lastest web-related fiasco, with a 14-year-old girl who unwillingly became an internet sex symbol.

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