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Garbage Tomato 2 - Monday 10.20.09 - That's All Folks!


It's all over, another garbage tomato in the books. Five months ago, I planted a little tomato on a pile of smelly garbage; lots of banana peels, avocado husks, watermelon rind, corn cobs, rotten lettuce, apples core, and a lot more.

And that's what I do every year when my tomato is all pooped out. I chop it down, dig all the very black fertile soil out, stuff what's left of the plant in the hole, and cover it up for next year. And in the spring, this plant will be nothing but a memory.

Now to sum up this year's growing season. I have to admit, it wasn't as good as last year. I had only about half the tomatoes, but the weather sucked, too much rain, so it's okay. Plus I got a little acorn squash that sprouted up out of the garbage as a bonus.

From the Organic Authority Files

Overall, it was fun. It's an easy way to grow organic tomatoes, and they taste awesome! As for next year, hopefully I won't be doing another, with any luck I'll be out of the suburbs of New Jersey, and in New York City. Fingers crossed!

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