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Genetically Modified Corn Messes with Mouse Reproduction...


Genetically Modified Organisms draw a lot of fire. Scientists just don’t know how they’ll affect human health and the environment. After all, just like that Greenpeace ad shows, some GMO’s are engineered with insect, animal and even virus genes.

And now, Austrian researchers have determined mice, fed a diet consisting of 33% percent genetically-modified maize, had fewer babies than mice not eating genetically modified foods. But the biological impact on humans is still unknown; the AFP reports.

GMO’s are weird science! Honestly, I’m not sure WHY we need them. Take tomatoes. They’re perfectly fine. Taste great. Look great. But for some reason scientists felt we needed lab-engineered purple tomatoes with snapdragon DNA. Bizarre!

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From the Organic Authority Files

Via BehanceNetwork and Discovery News.

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